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i am willing to bet my entire life savings that he spent at least a good solid hour trying to climb that fucking tree for the sole purpose of looking like a badass

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while I’m out here, slogging through the mud, breathing fire,
and getting stabbed to death

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Improved Altered version of this post because people kept commenting that they were surprised it didn’t end with “old as balls.”

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A moment of silence for how deeply I once loved BBC Sherlock, simply because I loved their incarnation of John Watson so much.

I remember the moment I fell in love with the show - “You’re not haunted by the war. You miss it.”

Lazy, inaccurate, plot-device PTSD is one of my pet peeves, and this complete redirect shocked and delighted me. Of course - Watson is a thrill junkie, but instead of gambling this time, he gets his kicks in action. So of course he’s willing to follow this madman who drags him along on adventures he can hardly believe. Brilliant!

I even liked the shift from two relatively likable characters to two socially awkward, reclusive codependents. That was interesting. These two only like each other but they have none of the necessary tools to express it - that’s pretty neat. They don’t always seem to like each other, but they definitely think the world is a more interesting place with each other in it. Sherlock’s jealousy over Sarah was mirrored by John’s worry over Moriarty.

But then things started going south with the first episode of season two. Irene, awesome! Wait, why is she all over Sherlock? Why doesn’t Sherlock seem to care about John at all? Why is Irene losing? She’s supposed to win! If John and Sherlock are the heart of this show, why is this story so removed from John?

Baskerville was a bit of a return to form, but wow, Sherlock does not give one single shit about John’s safety or well-being, or even how John feels. And why is John such a pathetic pushover? Why is John okay with his best friend drugging him and terrorizing him - no, not okay, but worse, resigned? This was starting to feel one-sided.

And then there was Reichenbach. A mixed bag for me. I liked what we saw of their taste of fame, and how we got the briefest glimpse of John guiding Sherlock through it. I liked John showing his faith (though I wasn’t sure Sherlock deserved it.) But the episode felt scattered, focusing on Moriarty and the police and the public. And at the end, I knew the series had reached a crossroads. This was where it would sink or swim.

See, in the original Sherlock, it made sense that Sherlock would have no idea his friend would be so affected by his supposed death. There was no codependence, no living together at that point, John was married, and the two saw each other only once every few months or so. The original Watson saw Sherlock as something of a fascinating oddity, not the whole of his life and career.

For the follow-up to BBC’s Reichenbach to make any emotional sense, Sherlock couldn’t leave John behind for more than a few days. How could he justify letting his best friend wallow in grief? How could John move on from his life without moving on from the show?

But no.

Season 3 of BBC Sherlock tells us that Sherlock never did care about John as anything more than an occasional help or diversion. He didn’t trust John not to let the cat out of the bag (never mind the dozens of other people who knew); didn’t want John with him enough to try to make it happen; didn’t come back a few weeks later after John’s grief had convinced whoever was watching. And it’s not because he thought John didn’t care - “What life? I’ve been away!” And then John is forced at gunpoint(powder) into forgiving Sherlock, who insists his actions weren’t a big deal.

If this rant seems late and excessive, well, too bad. This show made me care about a relationship and then threw it back in my face. Hell yeah I’m angry about it! The show wants us to laugh at John for caring so much and shrug off Sherlock’s betrayal - why? Sherlock is dismissive of and hateful to anyone who doesn’t measure up to his arbitrary up-his-own-ass-o-meter. Why should I care about him? The only reason I ever cared about Sherlock was because of John, and the show wants to shove “John is a loser for taking this too seriously and so are you” down my throat. Fuck that and fuck this show.




Cinderella - A dream or wish of mine.


Pocahontas - A time when I chose to be rebellious.


Mulan - A time when I had to be brave.


Jasmine - If I could escape somewhere, where would I go and who would I bring.


Belle - One of my favorite books.


Snow White - One of my favorite foods.


Ariel - One of my favorite songs.


Aurora - Something I did on one of my birthdays.


Rapunzel - Something I’ve always wanted to see.


Tiana - Something I’ve worked hard on to achieve.

Run like smoke and oakum.



most of the time i’m like “i love this character a lot but i understand that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and some people might not like them”

but there are a few characters where i’m like “HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS PRECIOUS BABY ANGEL I WILL FUCKING FIGHT YOU”

Abby Miller and Ax, yup yup

oh oh also you know who else I feel like this about? Rogue from X-1 and X-2. how the hell can you not have AWW LITTLE BABY feelings about that girl? even wolverine goes AWW LITTLE BABY HERE TAKE MY DOGTAGS AND MY HEART ETC PLZ BE HAPPY at her troubled little face