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Next chapter of my Thorin/Bilbo too-long fic is finally up! Sorry for the delay, like I mention in the note I’ve had some health issues. They’re nowhere near resolved, but I’m working on it.

Sorry I’ve been so absent, especially if you read my fic and are waiting for an update. I recently moved up at work, and then up AGAIN, so my mathy day job has been hectic and taking up a lot of my brainspace (unfortunately). It’s mostly a time issue - I tend to think up chapters and then write them, and my thinking time is an endangered species as of late.

Just want to clarify that I am absolutely still working on both What’s Happening Brother and That Endless Song of My Dwarven Love Whose Lastest Installment I Self-Indulgently Gave the Most Ludicrously Pretentious Title To.

(Hoping to update Thorin/Bilbo tonight and Sam/Cap tomorrow, but don’t hold me to that!)


Gold pants and gender bending… it’s Shakespeare, but not as you know it

as you sure about that,

are you really sure

the only way this could be more shakespeare is if you add a transition of political power and a fart joke



A clock that writes the time.

This is so unnecessary I’ll take 20



A clock that writes the time.

This is so unnecessary I’ll take 20

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so a really horrific thing happened to me today

u know how iphones have that function where u can select text and itll have siri read it back to you. so i get motion sickness when im on the bus so i cant read when im on one, so sometimes ill select a bunch of text from a fic and just listen. instant audio book! i thought i was so clever. so i’m in this really gnarly stevebucky fic, the smut’s just getting good, i’m smirking all smug and shit cus im liek hell yeah hell yeah and i turn the volume up all the way but it wasn’t getting as loud as usual so i was like huh my headphones are probably busted but whatever

then the person beside me taps me on the shoulder and lets me know that my headphones werent plugged all the way in

everyone sitting around me on that bus had to listen to my phone blasting about steve’s pounding bucky’s asshole

i’m never leaving my house again

the end

*proceeds to never so much as look at smut on the train, just in case the words escape*

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Ooooh, this fic sounds awesome!


*softly backbuttons*

I have no idea who this is but it made me crack up, so.

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peter jackson, i trust you man, i really do, but the hobbit is about bilbo’s journey and the fact that he doesn’t return to the shire as the same hobbit. he’s seen death and suffering, but he’s also seen courage and hope and friendship and man the point isn’t the battle. 

the point is bilbo’s journey.

Peter Jackson either doesn’t understand or doesn’t like Bilbo’s journey, I think. The first movie told us he was a weakling but showed him slaying wargs and making heroic battle stands… therefore erasing the potential for growth. The second movie gave us LITERALLY THREE MINUTES of Bilbo’s climactic spider battle where he earns the dwarves’ respect, so that they look to him for rescue when they’re captured in Mirkwood. I’m sorry, were you looking for the part of the story where Bilbo has come so far from where he started that he gets cocky and mocks a dragon to its face? NOPE HAHA LET’S RUN AND JUMP AND DWARVES AND MOLTEN GOLD WEEEEEEEEE

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